Busy week–Smallies/Cisco/Lakers/Whitefish…

For three days we pursued smallmouth. 30 to 40 fish per day was the norm. We did have to work awfully hard for our fish. Our out-of-town guests caught several fish from 3.5 to 4 lbs. Nothing like last week’s 6 lb 12 oz. smallmouth.
may 12 013

may 12 004

may 12 008

may 12 008

may 12 009

may 12 011

may 9 010
On a fairly calm day, East Bay gave up lots of fish for the smoker–cisco, whitefish and lake trout. Limits coming easy. The next calm day that we are not hosting smallmouth fishermen, I will be back on the bay–fun and great table fare!

Big Fish on Two Different Lakes

Three outings since Sunday have one thing in common–quality smallmouth. Three visitors have caught their personal best. The biggest was a 6 lb 12 oz tank that only measured 22″ in length. Usually, a fish that heavy is 22.5″ to 23″. What a tank!

Numbers will increase this next week as the spawn draws nearer but for now, we settle for real quality. Jerk-baiting isn’t for everyone. If you would care to try it out, give us a call.

The soft-plastic bite is just around the corner.may 3 006

may 3 004

may 3 005

may 3 008

may 3 011

may 3 010

Up and Down Week

Monday and Tuesday were very windy–some lakes were muddied a bit.
Wednesday was perfect as big fish were caught by several different fishermen on area inland lakes. We had one over six pounds and a couple other quality fish.
On Thursday we had just over 30 smallies and too many pike.
Friday was tougher and to catch fish we really had to slow the jerk bait with extremely long pauses. We finished with 18 or so smallies and again, too many pike. My jerk bait inventory has shrunk.
We anticipate two to three weeks more of qualityapr 30 038

apr 30 032

apr 30 037

apr 30 007 jerk bait fishing.

The Spring Explosion!

The combination of the full moon, good wind and April equals big numbers of smallmouth.
After a week of calm water we finally had some chop from 12 mph winds. Those cruising fish were very aggressive today. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s trip.
Over 40 fish boated in a few hours reminds me of my love for spring. My three groups of fishermen coming in next week have picked a good time.apr 20 028

apr 20 010

apr 20 009

apr 20 025

apr 20 027

The Transition…

The bird dogs are officially in the “0ff-season” mode and the ice fishing equipment has been shelved.
The boat has been “summerized” and we are ready to go. Torch Lake and East Bay are open–they will be our first destinations.

Thanks to those who have booked their trips for 2016. Although we still have several open dates, it is amazing how quickly the calendar begins to fill. So far we have walleye, perch, whitefish, cisco, Atlantics, lakers and SMALLMOUTH on the docket!

It was a very good off-season as the birdhunting was extremely good (especially the Michigan woodcock and grouse and the Kansas quail). But now it is time to get back to business. Last year we caught more smallies over six than in any of the past five years.

Perhaps we will top that this year!march 7 b 072

march 7 b 005

march 7 b 040

march 7 b 084

December Fishing!!!

Lots of info from the busiest time of the year. Not only are we doing our annual upland bird hunting, we are being called to the water. This weather is unbelievable.

We are spooning for smallmouth, cisco and whitefish on the big water.
We are texas rigging and swimbaiting for smallmouth on shallow inland waters.
We are blade baiting for perch on inland waters. The last three times out we have caught over 100 perch in about four hours per trip. All sizes up to 12″ being caught. We’ve been keeping 20 to 40 daily for the skillet.
I have no plans to winterize the boat until absolutely necessary.

With the pheasant, woodcock and grouse guiding this fall, I have not been able to accommodate all requests to fish and/or hunt.

Thanks to all who have booked for next year and those who have purchased trips for Christmas gifts. Great idea!

Will be working my Brits, Yankee and Duke, at Hillside Shooting Preserve in Ft. Wayne after the wild bird season ends for the year.
Lots going on!dec 8 056

dec 8 003

dec 8 007

dec 8 016

dec 8 031

dec 8 036

dec 8 043

dec 8 068

dec 8 050

October Winds…

for two consecutive years have been a factor. We have caught some very good bass this fall but we have been shut down by too many wind advisories. Our September and October fishermen have been skilled. When the winds let up–we caught them. Forced to an inland lake we had six smallies that weighed over 30 lbs.–all caught off the same point in about 45 minutes.
What did we do when the wind was ugly? We hunted birds with the Brits–Yankee and Duke. A normal number of grouse but a record number of woodcock. Our hunting friends who have visited us have done well and had fun.
I will try to post more frequently but bird hunting and bass fishing are time consuming. Now add perch and walleye to the schedule and I probably will be even slower to post.oct17 010

oct17 008

oct17 004

oct17 003

oct17 016

oct17 022

oct17 027