December Fishing!!!

Lots of info from the busiest time of the year. Not only are we doing our annual upland bird hunting, we are being called to the water. This weather is unbelievable.

We are spooning for smallmouth, cisco and whitefish on the big water.
We are texas rigging and swimbaiting for smallmouth on shallow inland waters.
We are blade baiting for perch on inland waters. The last three times out we have caught over 100 perch in about four hours per trip. All sizes up to 12″ being caught. We’ve been keeping 20 to 40 daily for the skillet.
I have no plans to winterize the boat until absolutely necessary.

With the pheasant, woodcock and grouse guiding this fall, I have not been able to accommodate all requests to fish and/or hunt.

Thanks to all who have booked for next year and those who have purchased trips for Christmas gifts. Great idea!

Will be working my Brits, Yankee and Duke, at Hillside Shooting Preserve in Ft. Wayne after the wild bird season ends for the year.
Lots going on!dec 8 056

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dec 8 007

dec 8 016

dec 8 031

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