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June ends with a bang. Not much margin for error but good fishermen made it work. ... See MoreSee Less

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Nice ones! Getting anxious to get up there.

Wow. Great haul.

Beautiful day on the big water. Three separate patterns seems typical for late June. Mostly postspawners but a couple that might be waiting on the next moon. ... See MoreSee Less

Two days--one very ugly and one very good.
The bad day was so flat the pollen, the cottonwood and the hatch skins formed slicks that covered acres.
The good day had south winds and an incoming minor thunderstorm.
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Can't wait little over week and will be back up!

Some big fish from a couple days on the big lake. This morning, with a steady breeze, it was hardbaits.

When the wind died-- it was finesse time.
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Fun week with postspawn on two lakes and prespawn on another. A few 19" fish but several 16" to 18" .
Forced to go early to get a parking space--I still prefer midday. Everyday brings Saturday-like crowds. Lots of pressure on the fish with no midweek "healing". The first fifteen boats that passed me Sunday all went to beds.
The shallowest fish we caught was probably 17' and they were all prespawn and, NO, we do not bed fish. Keep caring for your fish (especially in this hot weather).
Be safe!
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Alternating lakes again this week. Big numbers on Tuesday with 4 lbers topping the list. Wednesday gave us fewer fish but one that was just shy of 7 lbs. Different location tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

Alternating lakes again this week.  Big numbers on Tuesday with 4 lbers topping the list.  Wednesday gave us fewer fish but one that was just shy of 7 lbs.  Different location tomorrow.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Man. Still jerk baiting the shallows?

Been keeping anymore bedded fish today 😱

2018–Here We Go!

It will be a lofty goal to catch more and bigger smallmouth that we did in ’17 but that is what we’re looking to do.  From a 27.99 lb five fish catch in early May to more 6 lb brutes than any other midsummer has produced.  The quality of the fish in our area has really improved the past five years.

Again thanks to all our sponsors for having confidence in our enterprise and thanks to our ever-growing list of clients.  The April-May jerkbait schedule is starting to take shape.  Whether you want to learn or simply enjoy a day of jerkbaiting, give us a call.  An awfully good time to get your six pound trophy.

Our 2013 BassCat Puma FTD is for sale and we will be replacing it with a 2018 or 2019 BassCat Puma FTD.  Here are some ’17 memories.

A 2017 Double
Quality on a Quiet Cove Jerkbait.
April Jerkbaits
A warm weather trophy
A Really Nice Smallie!

Many Smallmouth Caught by All Ages

Four outings this week and all were fun and full of fish.  Only a couple over 5 lbs this week but many over 3 lbs.  It was great when the adults caught smallies but it was even greater when the youngsters caught over 40 in a half-day.  Our new friends seem to really enjoy these Michigan smallmouth.  Good news for next week’s groups is that some new areas are starting to hold more and more fish .

Average Size of July Smallies is Up!

Really up!  We’ve had more 5 lb (plus) smallmouth in the first half of this July than any July in the past seven years.  And four have surpassed the 6 lb mark.

The trade-off is that the numbers are somewhat less than the past but like usual that will change as we get to the end of this month and then into August.  Our charters in July have caught from 25 to 48 total fish per outing. 

Fishermen who have not experienced our July through September finesse fishing will probably doubt our claims that there are no “dog days of summer” when you have the big water close by.

And one might be surprised how shallow these big fish are and the baits we are using. 

We do have a few openings.

And the Bonus was…

While in the middle of our afternoon fishing, we had the privilege of watching the Thunderbirds practice for their Independence Day Show.  How impressive they are!  Maybe they were watching our group catch these big smallies.

Big Day on Our Favorite Water

June 30 brought an end to an inconsistent month.  Our “weather-unfriendly” June ended with a bang as our group had what we look for–Quality and Quantity.  Several fish over 4 lbs with two landed that were well over 5–one just a smidgen shy of 6!  40 or so caught with most being solid keepers.

The fish were grouped in one particular area.  In other areas we had just caught a fish here and there.  This is the start of our hot weather bite and we enjoy the fact that other fishermen had abandoned this body of water probably because the spawn had ended.  If weather allows, the next six weeks will be fun.

Unstable weather has delayed the summer bite…

The patterns for our summer bite have not yet developed.  Weekly storms and daily rains have caused the fish to be scattered and hesitant.  This translates into many rods on the boat’s deck.   We are catching fish now but those who have put off their visit until the weather stabilizes will hit it “big”.  Most years July 15 to August 15 is a very good time.  This year it will be a great time.

Transition time…

From now until September we will spend most of our time on Lake Michigan.  It was a great April and May (most of the time on one of five inland lakes) but with the unstable weather, several charters were cancelled or postponed. 

We are off to a good start with all four of last week’s charters successful– mostly smallmouth but some half-days spent chasing fish for the smoker (lakers, whitefish and cisco).  Even found some 13″ jumbo perch for dinner.

Jerkbaits from Quiet Cove Baits and our homemade jigs have been very productive on the smallies.  A 5.89 lb smallmouth yesterday and over 30 before 8 am today is a sample.  Enough talk, the pics sum up the past couple weeks.

Call with your questions (260-519-1168).

What a Week!

This week was as we thought it would be–no, it was better.  Much better!  A five-fish weight of 27.99 lbs was a noteworthy event.  6.60; 5.02; 5.38; 6.21; and 4.78 were the individual weights.  This catch was early in the week just prior to the full moon.  Most of these came on a Quiet Cove Jerkbait (see photo).  Call Matt at 616-644-5123 for information about these baits.   Other successful baits used this week were blade baits (see photos).  Jack’s Sport Shop in Kalkaska has the best selection of blades.  Blades this week caught smallmouth, walleye, pike, whitefish, cisco, and lake trout.  With the weather warming up rapidly, there is good reason to get up here for some fun.  We have a few open days in May–call us at 260-519-1168.