What a Week!

This week was as we thought it would be–no, it was better.  Much better!  A five-fish weight of 27.99 lbs was a noteworthy event.  6.60; 5.02; 5.38; 6.21; and 4.78 were the individual weights.  This catch was early in the week just prior to the full moon.  Most of these came on a Quiet Cove Jerkbait (see photo).  Call Matt at 616-644-5123 for information about these baits.   Other successful baits used this week were blade baits (see photos).  Jack’s Sport Shop in Kalkaska has the best selection of blades.  Blades this week caught smallmouth, walleye, pike, whitefish, cisco, and lake trout.  With the weather warming up rapidly, there is good reason to get up here for some fun.  We have a few open days in May–call us at 260-519-1168.