2018–Here We Go!

It will be a lofty goal to catch more and bigger smallmouth that we did in ’17 but that is what we’re looking to do.  From a 27.99 lb five fish catch in early May to more 6 lb brutes than any other midsummer has produced.  The quality of the fish in our area has really improved the past five years.

Again thanks to all our sponsors for having confidence in our enterprise and thanks to our ever-growing list of clients.  The April-May jerkbait schedule is starting to take shape.  Whether you want to learn or simply enjoy a day of jerkbaiting, give us a call.  An awfully good time to get your six pound trophy.

Our 2013 BassCat Puma FTD is for sale and we will be replacing it with a 2018 or 2019 BassCat Puma FTD.  Here are some ’17 memories.

A 2017 Double
Quality on a Quiet Cove Jerkbait.
April Jerkbaits
A warm weather trophy
A Really Nice Smallie!