October Winds…

for two consecutive years have been a factor. We have caught some very good bass this fall but we have been shut down by too many wind advisories. Our September and October fishermen have been skilled. When the winds let up–we caught them. Forced to an inland lake we had six smallies that weighed over 30 lbs.–all caught off the same point in about 45 minutes.
What did we do when the wind was ugly? We hunted birds with the Brits–Yankee and Duke. A normal number of grouse but a record number of woodcock. Our hunting friends who have visited us have done well and had fun.
I will try to post more frequently but bird hunting and bass fishing are time consuming. Now add perch and walleye to the schedule and I probably will be even slower to post.oct17 010

oct17 008

oct17 004

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