Inland Lakes One Way–The Big Lake Another…

Spinnerbaits have been the way to go on the inland waters. The bays, however, require a finesse approach from 22′ to 55′.

The boat ramps have fewer and fewer users except on the weekends.
Through the week we see very few boats, only a few trollers way off shore. The bass fishermen have backed off but the bass have not. When the winds let us fish our numbers have been very good.

Bird season approaches and we will be doing double-duty the remainder of the year. Several of our regular clients are coming up to do the “blast and cast”. We will bird hunt for three hours in the morning and fish for four hours in the afternoon. Fun!

Many who do not bird hunt are coming up for fishing only. Also Fun!

Around the corner our fall walleye and perch fishing will heat up. And when there is time we slip over for some cisco.

My favorite time of the year is the busiest.sept10-012