The Jerk!

It is that time of year–get the jerkbaits ready.
The five baits pictured represent the categories in which we breakdown our choices. As we start the season on the big (I mean big) brown fish, we have each of the categories ready for action.
#1 A floater that pops back to the top quickly
#2 A floater that pops back to the top slowly
#3 A suspender
#4 A deep running suspender
#5 A sinker
As we locate fish before the arrival of clients, we always have the first four options rigged and ready to go. The fifth option is used in more specialized scenarios.
After determining which style works the best we then work on the other variables: size, color (belly color may be most important), speed and cadence, and the desired depth.
There are many factors to consider to solve the puzzle. YOU DO NOT FISH ONE JERKBAIT FOR ALL APPLICATIONS.
When asked about my “favorite” jerkbait, I fail at giving a good, short answer. It depends on circumstances.
In my opinion, on tough days there is a fine line between catching and not catching on jerks. I will have four or five jb rigs on the deck of my boat–constantly switching.
I fished behind another jerkbaiter who was using a high-dollar suspending bait and struggling. We were using a gold, slow to popback bait with a sweeping cadence with a five second pause. The bait was almost at the surface when the strikes occurred. Two days later, they were back on the suspender.
The three boxes pictured are the baits that are onboard during jb time. What do you suppose the dollar value is? More jb talk soon!mar 12a 1325

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