It is Time…

They are hot after this recent full moon.  The jerkbait bite is in FULL swing.  28 keepers in 3 hours 15 minutes with 3 over 5 lbs. but nothing over 6lbs.  If you care about water temperature, it was 41 degrees.  Expect fish over 6 lbs. this week.

I had told clients not to come up until the end of April–wish I hadn’t said that.  Also ciscos, lake trout and whitefish very catchable but you’ll find us chasing the smallies until someone requests something else.  I haven’t had time to fine tune the bigger perch but will squeeze that in between smallmouth days. 

Find the right cadence with the appropriate length of pause and the jerkbait will be all you need.  Coachs Angle Smallmouth Charters on facebook will get you up-to-date reports.  IT IS TIME!