Grand Traverse Bay Beckons…

Very few bodies of water will allow a bass fisherman to enjoy his sport on possibly the busiest day of the year. Similar to the black-Friday shopping crowds, the lakes have lots of traffic.
However, we are not an inland lake, we are on the Big Lake. Plenty of room and plenty of fish.
A 5.73 lb smallie and two others over 18″ made it worthwhile for us to fish on what many call an “unfishable day”.
***Remember we do “catch-and-release” on the smallmouth bass but we do “catch-and-keep” on the walleye, cisco, perch, etc.
***We encourage braid for several reasons. Today’s reason is that the extreme sensitivity allows the angler to feel a finesse jig bite better that mono or carbon. Why is this so important?–TO AVOID DEEP HOOKING THE FISH. Be conscientious and cut down on mistakes. Go braid.july 3 007

july 3 008