First week summary…

It has been a week since ice-out.  For those of you who are temperature watchers, the water has ranged from 39 to 43 degrees.  It has been a good week with a few surprises.  The fished are grouped more than in previous years.  It would be easy to fish for several hours without a smallmouth.  When you find the group, however, it has been fun.

As I prefished before my first clients of the year, a five pound plus was caught each day with several over four.  My best five-fish bag for a day was just over 21 pounds.

During this early season fishing not many 14-15″ are showing up.  This will change shortly.  Now, when you get one, it is probably a very nice fish.

I am not a photographer but I am a fisherman.  I promise you better pictures when the clients arrive.

If you call during the day you’ll probably have to leave a message.  I will return your call.