Each year more and more PERCH requests…

may 14 012 May 7 017Maybe it is because we take a unique approach to the perch.  Maybe it is because they are the best on the table.  Maybe it is because we do all catch-and-release with the bass and the clients want something tangible to take home.

Our unique approach is totally artificial lures–bass baits.  Many times we go entirely for the perch but sometimes we split the day between bass and perch.

Bass fishing is really good now depending on the weather.  Perch fishing is good but will end soon for the summer.  CALL TO GET MORE DETAILS.

In between storms on a Monday…

Only two boats on the lake when I arrived and it appeared the next rain shower sent them home.  Starting at 2 pm I eliminated water that had been productive on Friday.  That is a way of saying I did not catch anything until I moved to a much harder bottom.

From 2:30 till 6 it was as good as it needs to be.  As long as I stayed in the clear water with a hard bottom there were smallies.  Big was just over 5 with three others over 4.

Full moon of May is usually this good if the weather cooperates.  Yesterday the winds cooperated.may12 009

WEATHER is the key…

may 9 034

may 9 001

may 9 027Get good fishing conditions at this time of year and good things happen. Last four days of guiding for guests from Indiana and we have had a day and a half of fishable weather. Storms and 40 mph gusts were the enemy.Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon were the best times.

Successful two days for Hoosier fishermen…

may 2 009

Three new clients from central Indiana spent the last of their three day trip fishing for perch for the freezer.
We cleaned 90 last evening before they headed home. 12 3/4 inches was biggest with many over 10 inches.

Bass fishermen in town for the next two days. Fish are on. Weather is our only obstacle.

Boat Control…


Without precise boat control, most of last week’s catches would not have happened. Unlike later in the year when one can cast many directions and catch fish, it is imperative now to position the boat for success. The fish coming on jerkbaits were caught while paralleling the break. Fish caught on jigs were caught by fishing perpendicular to the break.

Just my imagination? I really do not think so. I’m just keeping the bait in the strike zone longer by putting my boat where I want it.

The perfect bass boat is one that has a low profile when in the fishing mode as to not catch wind. This avoids “skating” in the wind. High-sided boats are harder to control. Another reason I enjoy fishing out of my BassCat.

In these waters a boat needs to be able to handle rough water safely and comfortably. It also needs to be “fishable”. In a stout wind will it hold on a spot as we cast the appropriate lures at the appropriate angles?

My MotorGuide 24 volt has been more than enough to get me 15 hours of normal fishing on a charge. I change out my batteries after the second year of use. If I were using a high-sided aluminum boat, I would move up to a 36 volt MotorGuide.

In three weeks, the precise boat control issue will be of lesser importance. But as soon as I finish this post and breakfast, I will test my own advice.

Tweeking the fall of a jig or grub…

039When fish are in a touchy mood, the fall of the bait can dictate success or failure. Many times getting your jig or grub to fall more slowly will generate strikes.
Many times we’ve heard that light line is always best. NOT always. Heavier (thicker) line will resist the fall of the bait and slow it down.
Want to stick with your lighter line? Use a lighter bait.
My success in week one of this 2014 season has been based on a slow falling bait.
Enough said for now…