2016 Has Been Special

Our last few clients will be here and gone within a couple of weeks.
Am I done? No. Time to “meat fish” (perch, walleye and cisco).
As long as we have open water these fish will be readily available. Also, will spend several days throwing swimbaits and umbrella rigs for BIG smallmouth before switching to blade baits.
The winter fishing clothing has been pulled out of storage–here we go.
The grouse and woodcock hunting has been interesting. Eighty degrees one week and thirty the next. We will include pheasants and quail soon.
Thanks to our working partners for assisting me and our clients. Prominent contributors to this successful year are…
All Seasons Resort of Kalkaska; Jack’s Sport Shop; Fishing Complete; Sherm’s Marine; Mercury Marine; BassCat Boats; Lew’s; and Dennis from Buck’s Wholesale Bait for keeping this website alive.
Support these folks.oct-28-033