Many Choices…

Smallies on spinnerbaits and jigs;
Lakers on spoons;
Perch and walleye on blades.
The past two weeks have been hectic. All our fishermen have endured winds and rain–but they did well!
My apologies to those who called and have wanted to fish with us. We have been booked but will have a fewsep 22 006

sep 22 001

sept 21 006

Just missed 5 lb. mark!
Just missed 5 lb. mark!

sept 21 009 openings in October.
And, of course, bird season has begun…

Busy Times–Lots of Fun…

Today’s 5.42 Smallie was biggest of the week, however, many really good fish have come to the boat in the past eight days.
Smallmouth and Lake Trout have been very vulnerable as we have had an enjoyable full-moon this month.
Only one day out of the past eight did we have uncomfortable winds. This has allowed us to fish where and how we like.
Really good fishermen have been with us recently. It has been fun fishing with folks from several different states during this past flurry. Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio and California have been the home states of our guests. Fun!!
This is the time of year where the big water and inland waters are productive. Soft plastics on one body and the excitement of hardbaits on the other.

Busy Times…

The smallmouth and the lake trout are obviously the easiest caught right now. The perch and the walleye are just beginning.
Those who enjoy vertical jigging for lakers would really like the two bays. Those who enjoy soft plastics and/or hardbaits for smallies would really like the two bays. If you like both–Wow!
We need the wind to cooperate as it is our biggest obstacle.

Best Day in Weeks for Catching Smallies…

Storms skirted the area but we were able to finesse fish anywhere we wanted. Nothing over 5-lbs. but many over 4. Big numbers were caught all day long.
The next day lake trout were targeted and they proved to be very accessible. Limits came very quickly on light tackle.
The beauty of this area is that there is a very good “bite” all the way to cold weather.aug 12 003

aug 12 004

aug 12 012

The Full Moon Arrived with Bad Weather

The high winds that showed up made it almost unfishable on the Thursday/Friday of the full moon. The result was fewer fish and lesser quality.
Just prior to the big storm on Sunday, things were going much better–more and bigger fish.
One of the worst storms I have experienced made the fishing tough for a couple days. Inland lakes like Torch had lost their famous clarity and the winds continued.
However, the next Thursday and Friday provided us with the best fishing in over a week. We welcome this with open arms!
Thanks to the crews working to restore electricity in our area after the 100 mph winds on Sunday. The clean up continues.Aug7 015

Aug7 016

Aug7 011

Good Week on Smallmouth…

Even though we had afternoon north winds each day, we caught good numbers and good quality. The smallmouth were very cooperative as shown by an 80-fish day which was cut short by 3 hours. Big fish that day was 5.5 lbs.
The deeper inland lakes and the Bays are in the perfect mode–Post Spawn.
Many folks prefer the bed-fishing. I prefer this.
And soon we will be on the full moon which should provide us we even more activity.
I wonder if on the full-moon we will see the smallies barfing more crayfish. Now they are barfing gobies. Too gross? Sorry.